Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Buzz Lightyear still loves you...

even if you pee on him! Well at least he does according to Dax! For some reason I really thought character underwear would do the trick for him and really be the key to potty training. WRONG!

This weekend, Dax picked out brand new underwear and he was excited about it.... I don't know who was more excited about it, Dax or Mommy! We got them all washed up and today was the day to wear them.

We started off the day with Buzz. By 9:15, we were in firetrucks and dalmations, by 10:45 we were in Thomas and by 12:00 we were in diapers:) We even tried to go the the potty several times with one success. I think it is hard to tell when you go in a diaper as they are very good at their job. Dax came waddling over to me every time he just went pee so maybe there was still some value in this mornings exercise????

As we took a picture of Dax and the pile of wet pants and underwear, by each pair of underwear that were "sad" that they were wet, he said "Buzz still loves me....." on to the next pair, "Thomas still loves me", "Dalmations still loves me" and yes, honey....mommy still loves you too!


Dre said...

So funny! Each kid is so different. Best wishes in the potty training:)