Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mini chef.... a special collection of recipes

This post is a special collection of recipes all from Xavier. He created them himself. He asked me when his recipes were going to be on the blog so here goes:)

This first recipe is not so new with the ingredients but the approach is what makes it so interesting!

Nuked Cheese and Bread
2 slices bread
2-3 slices cheese

Sneak the bread bag open very quietly so mom won't hear you messing around in the kitchen. Do the same with the cheese unwrapping it carefully so the plastic wrapper doesn't give you away. Place the cheese on one slice of bread...the more the better and place the remaining slice on the other slice of bread. Fold the sandwich in half because you know better than to use a knife. Slide a chair from the kitchen table over to the microwave. Place folded over sandwiches inside microwave stacking them on top of one another. Start pressing buttons until the microwave turns on. You know it is done when mom comes into the kitchen and starts hollering about what is in the microwave and how long has it been in there?!?

Picture 058 re
Doesn't that look yummy and melty?

Banana Smooshy

1 banana
1 spoonful of jelly/jam of choice
dash of cinnamon

Slice one banana with a butter knife and place in bowl. Place one spoonful of jelly on top and sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon. Smoosh it all together with a spoon. Holler at your brother for reaching for the first bite when you wanted to try it first!

264 re

260 re

Special Blueberry Drink

This drink was created as a result of being extremely thirsty after a family day at the pool. It was composed on the car ride home and later dictated to mommy. Here it is verbatim.

It is a very special drink. Sugar. We need sugar. A few blueberries, then a little sugar. Fill a glass like this full of water (gestures with hands to a full glass). And this big with ice (gestures with hands to half a glass). Then just add some little chocolate chips. You have to squish the blueberries to get them juicy otherwise it just tastes like water with ice. Add maybe 3 spoonfuls of sugar. Stir the drink. And then you just taste it. When I make it, I say YUMMY.

***this drink was created exactly as written minus the sugar and chocolate chips:)***

A big thank you to Xavier for sharing his recipes with us!


Denisha said...

YUM ;)

Hey, are you in town? I just sent you an email...

Julie said...

Thanks for saving Xavier's recipes. We can't wait to try them :)

Stephanie said...

How cute! Love how you documented this.