Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the first of many

Xavier had his first day of pre-school today! AND he wants to go back!! I call that a success. We had an ice cream social on Sunday afternoon at school and then dropped of school supplies and met his teachers on Monday evening. Mrs. Pridemore had an assignment for them already on Monday. He had to find his seat that had his name on it and at his seat there was a folder with info for me and a cutout of a paper person that Xavier was to take home and color in to look like himself and bring it back on the first day of school. Yesterday after lunch Xavier was hard at work making a crayon likeness of himself. He did everything himself with exception of the lines on the legs to denote shorts. After he had finished, he was showing me everything he had done. "Look" he said, "I made my eyes and eyebrows, colored my ears, made my shoes into boots and here is my hoo-doo". WHAT!?! You put a hoo-doo on yourself???? I was starting to panic.....should we just start over I thought? Where on earth am I going to get another cutout? Could I make one??? "Yes" he said proudly..."it is right here" as he pointed to a vibrant orange dot on his crotch. "That is really good" I said "but we are only drawing our clothes so let me scrape that off and you can color over it". What on earth have I been teaching him I thought???? I asked him why he put a hoo-doo on it and he said that he just wanted to make it better. I said better as in more real? YES! he said more real. Whew! He drew it out of wanting attention to detail not to be funny or spiteful. That was close! I also reminded him that we don't talk about or draw hoo-doos outside of the house:) This could be a very lonnnng year of learning the "do's and don't's in a social setting...lucky me!

080 re

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This is the offending picture after the hoo-doo has been heavily colored over!
081 re

Here are some "first day of pre-school" pics taken this morning....and subsequently caused us to be a couple of minutes late! Oh well, it was worth it!

092 re

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115 re

119 bw re

If you are wondering what is up with those shorts, it was "gym day" at school so he had to wear gym shorts to school today:)


Denisha said...

What a big boy! Love all the pictures, and I was thinking...what is a hoo-doo? Glad you explained and corrected the situation. :) It has got to feel crazy having Mr. Big man going to school now. I am excited and TERRIFIED for that day to arrive. Keep me posted on everything.

Jenn said...

I love Xavier's Charlie Brown tongue... shows just how hard he was working on making his picture! :)

Anita said...

gotta love the hoo doo...
too cute...
xavier is looking like such a little man!

Amy said...

Oh, how funny! I'm glad his first day went well :) Did you do okay? Beautiful pics.

Melanie said...

I actually made it outside the classroom before I let a tear fall! He was so grown up about the whole thing!

Stephanie said...

OM! I love it! I am totally cracking up over here. That is so cute and so something Ash would do. Hehe. Boys!!!!

Glad his first day was a success! He is looking so BIG!!

Miss you guys!