Monday, September 28, 2009

rain + raincoats = fun!

It rained everyday day last week and the boys invented reasons to wear their raincoat even after it had stopped. They wore their raincoats everywhere and were happy to have them! Here are some fun moments captured in the driveway last Thursday in the raincoats that Grandma from MN sent home with them when we left there in August. Thank you Grandma...they are being put to good use and have been so much fun!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

1st real soccer game

on a real team, with a real coach. At least that is what Xavier talks about all the time- that it is real! Xavier got to kickoff to start the game...I don't even know what it is called when you kickoff but he probably volunteered to do it!

There is real our soccer player....#6, bright blue shorts. 036 re

Sorry about the picture quality here. I was excited and maybe just a bit nervous that I really wasn't paying attention to my camera settings until it was too late.

042 re

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061 re

Waving to his "fans."

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Going through the "tunnel" at the end.

112 re

More than once he or his teammates were kicking the ball the wrong way on the field. It was comical to watch! It seemed as if Xavier was waiting for the ball to come to him and would not get in there to get the ball. We asked him about not getting in there after the game. The conversation went something like this:

Steve: Buddy, did you have fun at your first game?
X: Yes!
Steve: It kind of seemed like you were waiting for the ball to come to you. You know that you can get in there and get the ball away from the other team.
X: Well, that that would be rude.
Steve: It is OK in the game of soccer to do that you are supposed to do that...
X: Ohhhh.

Here Xavier is modeling his team shirt in his favorite color:)

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Even though I think that he only moderately understands the game, he really had a lot of fun and that is all that matters anyway:)

cincinnati fun...

stay at home sadness. A couple of weeks ago we planned to go to Cincinnati to see Grandpa and Grandma Noe and for Xavier, Steve and Grandpa could go to a Reds baseball game.... Xavier's first MLB game. Dax and I were going to hang out with Grandma and have some fun. As luck would have it, Dax got sick...the vomiting kind... so Dax and Mommy stayed behind while Xavier and Steve went.

002 re

007 re

Dax could not understand why he had to stay was VERY sad.

015 re

Luckily, his sickness very very short lived and NO one else got it. Here are some happy pics from the following day when they returned. It was a great time so we heard. Grandma went to the game too, they WON and the boys each got a new hat.

This is happy Dax. I much prefer this version:)
020 re

023 re

Dax was so excited about the hat that he wouldn't even let me take the tag off. It went straight on his head.

026 re

On a funny note. I talked to Xavier via phone when they were on their way home from the game.

Me: Xavier, did the Reds win?
X: Yes!
Me: What was the score?
X: The score???
Me: Yeah, what was the score?
X: What was the scooooore????
Me: Never mind.
X: OK. Tell Dax that he misses me!

Silly mommy for asking such a silly question!