Tuesday, March 30, 2010

if my boys would twirl...

So often when I sew something I never get to see how the outfit looks on a real body. Mainly because I am sewing for girls and because my boys do NOT want to wear these creations...even if I beg and bribe. The other day I just finished up this.


I really wanted to see how the little shirt with all of those ruffles looked when a little body twirled in it and I wanted to check it for size. I had Dax try it on.

Me: Dax, could you twirl for me?
Dax: Tweerl??
Me: Yes...could you twirl please?
Dax: No.
Me: Really??? You won't spin around for me?
Dax: No.
Me: Come on... turn around in circles.
(Dax lamely and slowly turns around for me...looking pitiful.)  
Me: OK let's get this off....before you pee on it. (An entirely different subject.)

Here are a 3 sibling dresses and a matching tie for the brother.



I have been working on a few more things but want the recipients to get them before they see them on the blog:)


brandon and jenna allen said...

Why are you so darn talented? You make me look bad with all of your incredible skills. They are gorgeous outfits. Why couldn't I have had you for a sister, my girls have never looked so stylish.

Melanie said...

Thanks are too kind:)

Denisha said...

I absolutely love the sibling dresses. So cute...I will definitely be placing an order with you this fall :)

Liz, Nate, Sydney, Holly said...

oh melanie, you are amazing. i loved those outfits! i admire/envy your skills! love, love, love everything you make, it's always incredible. darling!

Amanda said...

OMWord I must have that matching tie and ruffle set. How much? Ugh. I SO cannot be buying my kids clothes... but WWAAHHHHHH I want that!!

Melanie said...

Hey Amanda,
We could do a trade....I always come to MN for a visit in either late July/ early August and would love to maybe get a fantastic cake or other wonderful creation from you when I am there to share with my family. Of course you wouldn't have to wait until then for your onesie/tie:) email me if you want to discuss:) melanie_lein @!

Kira said...

melanie - those sib dresses are beautiful!!! I may have to have you make me a couple for a wedding we are going to in aug. . . I wish I had half of your talent. I will give you a call later this week. hope all is well.