Monday, November 1, 2010

another "super" Halloween

The much anticipated Halloween was another fun event at the Noe house again this year. We had all sorts of activities going on for the week or so prior and Dax and I attended a fabulous Halloween party thrown by my very pregnant friend Hillery. The party was awesome and so much fun. It was blogged here by another friend. (No relation even though we have the name last name...she pronounces it NO:)

We carved some pumpkins in early afternoon of the actual day. Xavier was really into cleaning out the pumpkin and separating the seeds so that we could roast them.

Dax wasn't quite as enthusiastic!


He did not like the feeling. So he thought is was better if he helped Daddy like this...

Anyway, Daddy and I carved the pumpkins while the boys ran around doing other things. Iron Man for Xavier and Incredible Hulk for Dax....with the help of a tracing kit of course!

Some friends joined us for Trick or Treating and the kids had a blast.

Fun times!

The baby was even dressed in costume! I saw the shirt online and just had to make one. I drew it out and then had some anatomical corrections from the hubby, traced it onto fabric that had iron on adhesive on it and then just ironed it on. Sounds simple enough but took HOURS!!! Anyway, I was pleased:)

We had a ton of Tick or Treaters and went through 13 bags of candy...that was mostly just giving one piece to each! I wonder if we will have more super heros again next year??