Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring break '11

We were beach bound again to FL, but for the first time with Doodle on the outside!! (Our last trip I was pregnant and actually announced the pregnancy to Steve's family when we got down there). We packed up and headed out bright and early and were able to log some miles before the boys were actually awake enough to make some noise. We planned on dividing the trip into 2 days because of Lincoln. We made it to FL but were still about 4 hours from our destination when the baby had had enough. Finding a hotel was another story but we did end up finding one after some intense searching while driving down the highway trying to book something via iphone. Needless to say, the actual driving part was not very fun. The big boys did just fine as always, but Doodle was not really enjoying it...and boy did he let us know!!

Once we got there, the boys were ready to have some fun.



A little relaxing by the pool,


plenty of games...

One of my favorite things to do is watch the sunset on the beach. The boys seemed to enjoy them too. One night the boys went down in their pjs to say goodnight to the sun.



We had wonderful weather all week- mid 80's and sun and it only rained 1 day. What I don't have pictures of (as I needed about 15 more hands/arms to carry everything) is time spent on the beach building in the sand and going into the ocean (to "ride the waves" as the boys say) and the awesome homemade icecream at Big Olafs ,but trust me when I say that those were total highlights for all of us!

Doodle had some highlights of his own Photobucket

as he rolled over for the first time on the trip.
It was good to spend some time together as a family in such a beautiful and warm part of the country. We made it there and back safely and I look forward to returning many, many, many times with all of my boys!


Denisha said...

Oh, I LOVE that picture of the boys together. They are so cute!

Glad you were able to relax a bit, and I hope that your next trip will be less crazy. Glad to see you blogging again :)

Amy said...

OH Mel love this picture. No wonder I haven't seen any pictures didn't realize you poste on here and not facebook. I will be visiting alot now. Still want to meet the little man but man it sure is tempting me to have another but really don't think I can handle the lack of sleep.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a great family trip! Your boys are beautiful.