Tuesday, April 7, 2009

no pictures????

While the basement is under construction and I have no access to my computer, I have been allowed to use my hubby's computer in the office with the request not to download to or inundate the computer with unnecessary "stuff"(read: don't junk up my computer and NO you may NOT put pictures AND editing software on my computer). All kidding aside, I do miss my computer and all of it's "stuff" and "junk". It is not nearly as fun to blog without the photo which is usually the topic of my posts. Soooo if any of you are wondering what the heck is up with the lack of photos or are relieved that you do not have to endure another photo from the Noe family- this is a temporary situation. Thank goodness for that because I am already feeling a serious urge to do some "junking."

Since I cannot show you the photo of the 4 bunnies that live/play in our backyard, you cannot see how cute they are. They love to run and play with each other and boy can they do flips (and dig holes)! The other day I asked Xavier what he thought the bunnies were doing out in the yard. X: I think they are looking for places to lay the Easter eggs:)


Stephanie said...

I miss your pictures! Hope you are back up to normal soon. I know what a drag it is to have the house all crazy! Those bunnies are so dang cute!