Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dippin' eggs

As a special treat my husband's mom would make he and his sisters "dippin' eggs" for breakfast. This was a tradition that she also enjoyed herself as a child. On a visit to Grandma's house my boys also got to experience dippin' eggs... raising the standards on breakfast fare at our house.

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Dippin' eggs are soft boiled eggs with the top cut off, served with buttered toast strips. Sounds easy enough right???? WRONG! These things are hard to master! My mother in law even gave me an egg timer and I still failed!

One morning shortly after arriving home from MN, I offered to make the boys something special...dippin' eggs were not even on my radar but Xavier said "how 'bout dipping eggs"! Really?!? I said. You would have thought he just asked me to lay an egg from my reaction!! Are you sure you want dippin' eggs....thinking please noooo not that...anything but THAT! Well dippin' eggs it was. I was determined to master them this time. I got out my trusty red gingham Better Homes and Garden cookbook and followed these directions for soft cooked eggs:

Place eggs in a single layer in a medium saucepan. Add enough cold water to come 1 inch above eggs. Bring water to boiling and reduce heat to just below simmering (tricky part). Cover and cook 4-6 mins; drain. Fill pan with cold water and let eggs sit until cool enough to handle.

I covered and cooked for exactly 4 mins. I cooled until I could handle it. Cut off the top and much to my surprise they were PERFECT dippin' eggs! Yay me! Serve with buttered toast strips to dip in the yummy yolk. When the yolk is all soaked up run a spoon around the shell and spoon the egg white out. Do not try to peel the egg at this me you will end up with a mess!

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It was a success! These were extra special as they were made with my mom's farm fresh eggs! Thanks grandmas for a great breakfast!


Erin said...

Xavier is too cute! I love soft boiled eggs, never thought of serving them w/toast strips like that, will definately be trying it!!

Amy said...

My grandmother was English and this was a big hit whenever we visited Nanna and Grandad's, too. They called them soft boiled eggs and soldiers (the toast strips are soldiers). Who would think people who cook regularly would have a hard time boiling an egg? The last time my mother-in-law was here we were talking about the challenges of making hard boiled eggs. So funny!

Stephanie said...

x's bed-head is cracking me up! what a doll he is! those eyes are so gorgeous. what a cute idea with the eggs - love the holders!

Joann's Hall of Fame said...

You apparently made Xavier's day--he looks stoked in the pictures.