Saturday, June 27, 2009

a person to celebrate

I just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank and recognize the "hero" in our house. We had a weekend celebration that started Friday evening to celebrate Father's Day. Thank you for all you do for each of us honey!

I saw these very cute cupcake "burgers" on Bakerella's blog and knew exactly what we would do. We were going to have burgers for dinner and burgers for dessert. I told the boys what we were going to do a couple of days beforehand and to keep it a surprise for daddy. Every day they proceeded to tell Daddy about his secret surprise in an obvious way...telling just a little too was really funny. Steve was really trying to get the info from them too! And of course I didn't tell them about his main 2 surprises, one of which he ended up getting early as you will soon find out. Incidentally, Bakerella's are much cuter but I am sure she did not have darling 2 & 4 year old helpers. They did the condiments:)

206 re
It was cupcake "buns" and walnut brownie "burgers".

219 re

208 re

228 re
Our burger dinner/dessert!

Steve was supposed to wait til Sunday to actually receive his gifts....mainly because I had ordered something that wasn't in yet. On Friday, he got home early and I was watching the door like a hawk waiting for a package to be delivered. I was downstairs and thought I heard the doorbell...went racing upstairs and here Steve stood at the door with 2 packages in in hand looking guilty. "I didn't see anything" he said. Yeah. Right. It clearly said chipmunk trap on the box!!! So he got to open one of his presents early. To make a long story short, we have problem with chipmunks digging around in the mulch and yard so a live trap was the perfect gift. Steve had read about how to get rid of them and had rigged up a trap in the yard but it was unsuccessful for us to this point.

Here is the trap.

255 re

253 re

The day we set up his new trap his rigged trap started working. We have got 5 chipmunks this week and in the new trap a bunny and squirrel. A new "hobby" of sorts:)

On Sunday Steve opened his other gifts.

233 re
His favorite!

And a couple of gag gifts.
235 bw re
After complaining about the natural peanut butter we buy... he has his very own!

237 bw re
He also has his own duct tape after being in complete astonishment that with every kind of tape I have how could I NOT have any duct tape (when he was needing some for his rigged trap). What can I say??? Ummmm, I think duct tape is a "guy thing"!

We also got him a massage which he enjoyed yesterday:)

And his favorite gift of all....
247 bw re
A recordable Superman Father's Day card. After about 20 takes....seriously.... both boys were able to get out Happy Father's Day. I love you dad! He loved it!

I made him dinner that night too...his choice. Alice Springs Chicken sans Outback favorite- not from Outback but our own kitchen.

It was a great weekend for a great man!


Liz, Nate, Sydney, Holly said...

love the cupcake burgers, that is a classic in the making! you did a great job in showing your honey how much you appreciate him. great job!

Denisha said...

Love all the fun gifts you made for your special guy! Let me know when you would like to get together for a playdate. If I don't see you this week, I hope you have a happy 4th :)

Dre said...

What a wonderful idea:) It sounded like a great day for Steve. Those burgers are adorable. I'm going to have to try them sometime.

Jenn Kluesner said...

How creative! haha if I end up with half the talent you do, I'll be proud! How did the Alice Springs Chicken turn out? That is my FAVORITE from Outback. Steve definitely has good taste!

Stephanie said...

Awww good for you! What thoughtful things you did! :)