Friday, November 19, 2010

in disguise....

Xavier had a homework assignment to disguise his turkey like a family member so that they turkey would make it "safely" through Thanksgiving Day. Here is the Turkey before the disguise...


and after much deliberation, here is what we came up with...


Dr. Turkey!!!! A Surgeon Turkey to be exact. One that looks suspiciously like someone else we know and love:)

We mentioned doing a superhero turkey (which really would have been cute too) but in the end, decided that a Dr. Turkey would be more fun. Xavier had some help but he was definitely the idea man on this. His turkey had to have scrubs on with a pocket, string ties at the waist and glasses. He also wanted things in the pocket. We had Dad bring home some real stuff from the OR that we used. The mask was from a large mask, the hair bonnet from a large bonnet, the gloves from big gloves, etc.

We had a very funny discussion on the way home from school as Xavier excitedly told me about his project. After we decided to to a Surgeon Turkey the conversation went like this.

Me: Alright, let's talk about what we want this Dr. Turkey to look like.
Xavier: He should have scrubs on and maybe a jacket that opens up and you can see all his tools.
Me: It would be cool if we had some tools in the turkey's hands!
Xavier: Yes!
Me: What besides a knife could we put in his hands?
Xavier:  Uhhh, what does he need a knife for?
Me: For operating.

Silence.....from both boys.  

Me: You know... for cutting. (sometimes I forget who my audience is!)
Dax: What??? Daddy cuts people in HALF?
Me: NO, of course not!!!You know what Daddy does. What kind of Dr. is Daddy?
Xavier: A surgeon.
Me: And what does he do at work?
Xavier: Operations.
Dax: And scopes!
(At this point, I realize that even though they have the terminology down..they have ZERO clue what this all means! I hope that I have not scarred them for life!)

Me: In order for Daddy to fix people, sometimes he has to make a small cut on them to get inside their body to be able to help fix them.
Xavier: Is there blood?
Me: Maybe a little....but as soon as Daddy is done fixing the patient he stitches the small cut back up.
Xavier: Can we put some blood on the turkey?
Me: No. But we can call Daddy right now and tell him our plans and ask him what kind of tools he uses.
Xavier: OK, let's do that right now!

Yikes!!! That was a tricky conversation!! For the record...we put forcepts in his hands...but it really looked much more like tongs to me:) 



brandon and jenna allen said...

Aaah, how cute!! Unfortunately I bet these heart to hearts are only going to get more tricky. They are so cute and so was the turkey!

Dre said...

Loved the turkey!! What a great idea for the outfit. I also enjoyed the conversation. It made me have to chuckle. I can just image the looks on their faces when you told them about the knife:)

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