Thursday, March 19, 2009

The "Infredibles" and much more!

The boys and I took Grandma to see Disney on Ice last Sunday. It was a last minute decision to go and it was surprise for Grandma. While Steve and Grandpa worked hard the the taxes, we were hard at work in search of finding some superheros. We had seats in the very last row....way up at the top but I guess it was close enough to see and not be scared of all the action on the ice. We all had a nice time and really enjoyed the show. I was really wishing for a zoom lens but made due with I had. So if you would like to see the show from the "cheap seats" here you go!

Grandma is delirious from change of "altitude" from being in these high seats! Just kidding, it could also be from my crazy driving to get us here on time!

Everyone's favorite Mouse!

Finding Nemo

Snow White

More Princesses...X did notice that Sleeping Beauty was not does he know that?

The Army Guys from Toy Story.

Buzz Lightyear in the box

Buzz shooting lasers.

The Infredibles as Dax fondly calls them....they were highly anticipated by the boys.

Lion King

Character parade.

Fireworks to finish it off.

The other morning I was having a conversation with X. I asked him a question and he looked at me and said "Did someone take a stupid pill this morning"? I looked at him (stifling a laugh) and asked him where on earth he heard that. He said "Mr.Potato Head says that in Toy story.....and it is soooo funny". It is funny EXCEPT when it is asked of you! Apparently, I had taken a stupid pill for letting my son watch Toy Story so many times he can recite it!


Lara Williams, Noe Place Like Home said...

Hello from the other Noe Place Like Home!

We have a guest apartment called "Noe Place Like Home," in the Noe Valley neighborhood in San Francisco; I was checking Google to see if anyone else used the same name, and came across your page - very sweet! Anyway, I thought I'd say hi. If you ever come to SF, please let us know! :D

Anita said...

Great pictures from the top row! Especially with your "non zoom". It looks like a great show. Glad you all had fun.

Stephanie said...

What a cool show! How neat to see so many characters at one time.