Monday, March 9, 2009

we wore little pants

So for those of you who don't know... we were in Florida last week. We left the last Friday in February and returned Sunday the 8th in the wee hours of the am. We drove. Again. It is a long car ride...then throw in 2 kids.... my 2 kids.... and all of their "stuff" ...into a car.... a very small car. Sounds like a recipe for disaster right?? Nahhh. We are talking about the Noe boys here. They were as good as gold...seriously. It still took us a long time to get there. We left a 4:30 am and arrived about 8:30 pm. We hit rain and traffic but really it all went smoothly.

Before we left I wanted to make sure that Dax had some shorts that fit. As I tried some on, he looked down and said "Are these my little pants?" So we all packed up our "little pants" to head to someplace we could wear them.

****warning***** picture overload coming at you!
We did some walking on the beach and made plenty of sand castles.
We did some sleeping. The boys slept together the whole trip.

We did some swimming. Dax and Xavier loved the pool and both made pretty big improvements with their "swimming".

Xavier took off his float. He really was swimming.

More sleeping.

Some walking around.

Some more sleeping.

Plenty of time for super hero activity.

Some jumping.

Xavier loved the goggles...notice how they are on upside down.
Dax kept saying that he was swimming all by himself just like "yay zay" which his nickname for Xavier.

Some relaxin'.

Some bonding.

Some more bonding.

We were fortunate enough to see the dolphins that were swimming really close one morning.

A close up...kind of.

Enjoying the beautiful grounds.
One of my favorite activites is watching the sunsets. Steve took this one of the boys and I jumping. Well he pressed the shutter...I set up the shot.
Steve and Dax. Dax is holding a baggie of bread in his hand so that he could feed the gulls.
We really did have a great time despite the cooler weather. Thanks again to Mom and Dad Noe for sharing your beautiful place with us. Xavier said on more than one occasion that he wanted to live there... a part of me does too!


Stephanie said...

What beautiful sunset shots! I think you need to frame those!

Glad you guys had a good trip! Part of me wishes we lived in Florida, too!

Clutter Queen of KY said...

Your sunset shots are beautiful, as are the rest, but those especially. I am ready for my photo lession whenever you are!

Shannon said...

No Dax didn't fall asleep at the table! So funny. And those sunset pics are amazing. And all because of your talents, I might add.