Thursday, May 28, 2009

apron envy

I have it. I admit it. Serious apron envy:)

Here are some recent pics of my sewing projects. I got an adorable pattern for a girl's apron and have made these 2. The adult aprons have all been gifts. I sooo want to wear every apron I have made....but sadly have not made one for myself. Soon...I tell myself....very soon!

I love the neckline and pocket detail on these aprons!

girl's zebra with hot pink fits 2T-5

pocket detail in girl's apron

girl's cupcake apron fits 2T-5

girl's apron

This is a reversible half apron that I designed myself. It has a little pleat where the strap meets the waist. I may do some mommy/daughter apron sets.

reversible half apron

reversible half apron side 2

My friend Jenny came across this pattern on etsy and I just fell in love with it. It is such a feminine apron! You can't help but be better in the kitchen just wearing this:)

The apron is reversible. I may work on a similar pattern that is just one sided too.

apron side 1 re

 full reversible apron side 2

Side 1

reversible full apron in anna horner side 1

Side 2

full reversible apron anna horner side 2

Side 1
reversible full apron in amy butler side 1

Side 2

reversible full apron in amy butler side 2

I LOVE the finished result but do admit that picking out the fabrics is half the fun.... especially if you are making it for someone you know and love!


Joann's Hall of Fame said...

You are spreading the envy disease! Gorgeous! Some of them look like evening gowns. I could be wearing sweats and then put one of those on and look like I tried to be presentable!

Erin said...

Melanie these are beautiful!! I don't know if I could use them as aprons they are too pretty - I could wear one to a party (might look a little strange from behind!)Really love the cupcakes and polka dots!!

Stephanie said...


Stephanie said...

Where are you showcasing your stuff online, anywhere other than here yet? I need a link to share with others that might want to buy something! :)

Amy said...

Ummm....I want one for me!!! I know you are too busy with summer activities now, but whenever you can, I would love to have one---totally trust your taste!

Jenn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the aprons! They are so cute.