Friday, May 8, 2009

i love dinosaurs??

Before we got to my parent's house I was talking to the boys about their dog Barney. Barney was the cause of much angst to the boys on the trip back to MN last July. For some reason, the boys just lost their cool every time poor Barney even glanced their way. It was SOOO frustrating to have them act so ridiculously. By the end of the last trip however, they were able to quickly pet him and at least not shriek when he looked at them. After spending a good 15 minutes on the subject of Barney, I asked the boys whether they were going to cry and whine and be afraid when they saw Barney. Xavier said "No I am not. I like Barney... he is so nice!" Dax said "I not going to whine or try....I like Barney...he is a good DINOSAUR!"

Xavier really did like Barney. He liked to tell him to get in the back of the 4 wheeler...and most of the time he did! We said we would give Dax a "surprise" if he would touch Barney. A few quarters later he would touch him quickly but didn't ever really like it!


Denisha said...

cute! I would like to get a dog eventually but it is nice not having to deal with all the extra hair and food.

PS, I was meaning to tell you those wedding cake cookies are so adorable!

Erin said...

How cute! I'm sure a big dog looks like a dinosaur to a little guy!!

Stephanie said...

I do remember all of the drama last year! lol

glad they are making progress at least. dinosaur...too cute! lol