Saturday, October 10, 2009

there's a new superhero in town...

The other day Dax asked me for the third time to put on Xavier's Spiderman costume (yes, that costume has been going strong for a year now!) I told Dax that I was not going to put it on a him third time in the span of an hour, but I would put his mask on for him. He came to me to put the mask on and I just had to laugh. This is what I saw.

056 re

Instead of the super Dax cape/mask combo (which is the usual substitution for the full costume) we had full on "Cowboy Spiderman!" I then proceeded to take these just for laughs.

cowboy spiderman re

After Spiderman was sufficiently "fetty" (sweaty) he whipped the costume off and I had my sweet boy back again.

Mind if I take some more pictures??? Oh you do? Come on... just a few.

080 re

082 re

088 re

Just another day here at "Superhero Headquarters!"


Denisha said...

He is SO adorable, and I am glad you are the type of mom to catch all these great super hero characters he creates!

Stephanie said...

Love the Cowboy Spiderman, is that what he'll be for Halloween? Heehee.

Did you make the vest?

the Provident Woman said...

That is the cutest outfit/costume ever.

Melanie said...

Jenny made the vest for Dax's b-day last year. She made each of the boys one and sent the hats too:)

Julie said...

Too funny! So glad you captured this!