Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the face of determination

The other day we were outside enjoying some of the first tastes of Spring. The boys wanted to do t-ball so we got out the equipment and before long we were batting away. Just lately, Xavier is getting some coordination to actually hit the ball off the t... most of the time. He really amazed me that he could actually hit the ball pretty straight and far. He then asked we we could do "stitch". I had no idea what he was talking about. He said..."You know, when you throw the ball and I hit it". Ohhhh, pitch. You want me to pitch. Sure, why not. So after about 20 pitches with no contact with the ball what so ever, I suggested going back to t-ball.

Me: "Don't you want to go back to hitting the ball off the t? You are really getting good at that. You may not be able to hit the ball while I pitch".

X: "Well then I will just keep practicing and practicing until I can hit it"!

Well said little one! Shame on me for suggesting that you stop something just because you can't do it very well!! What was I thinking???

And so I pitched and pitched and then pitched some more. I think Xavier hit it about 4 times in all. But he DID hit it and boy was he proud when he too!

I took some pictures as he was batting and throwing the ball. It was only after I got them off the camera that I noticed the look of determination in his face. Just as I thought that all the learning would be on Xavier's part as we went outside in the backyard.... I got a little "schooling" of my own FROM my 4 year old. Never underestimate the power of determination!


Stephanie said...

Way to stick with it Xavier! :)